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Replace the string on your 80V Kobalt Cordless String Trimmer

0.085' Wire Review

We show you how to reload your Kobalt 80v string trimmer with cutting string.

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cable bender semi ridgid from rfshop

0.085' Wire Review

The bender is capable of forming complex, fully formed bends without any distortion of the critical internal dimensions of the cable. Bend angles ranging from 0 to 180° are possible. Bend radius is fixed and all bends are formed around the minimum bend radius recommended for RG402. The mini...

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The world's fastest portable coilgun charger

0.085' Wire Review

2.5 kilowatt 450 volt output, 26 volt input runs off lithium phosphate batteries that go in RC aircraft. Runs at 62 khz. Very low battery drain in standby mode approximately 0.030 amp. No load operation is 0.085 amp. Draws a burst of 50 amps from the battery pack on initial pressing of the char...

Tags: Coil Gun,switching power supply

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