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Z-wear stress test

0.094' Wire Review

0.105" thick, 61RC 0.06" steel wire 0.094" brass wire

Tags: z-wear

Reading a Standard Micrometer.mp4

0.094' Wire Review

This video continues the series on using precision measuring tools that are used by the mechanic. The detailed video uses closeup video to show hoe standard micrometers are used.

Tags: standard micrometers,precision measrements,small engine,motorcycle repair,automotive repair

1M USB LED Light Strip with Switch - RGB color from Gearbest

0.094' Wire Review

Pseudo "Ambilight" function for non Philips TV :) It looks very interesting and you can change the colors and set different blinking modes. You can buy it here: http://shrsl.com/?g0qw Specifications: Type: LED Strip Features: Cuttable, IP-65, Low Power Consumption, Waterproof Length: 1M (1M swit...

Tags: ambilight,philips,led,smd-5050,5050,smd,usb,tv,gearbest

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