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A7 Chinese Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece CNC

0.095' Gauge Review

This is a Chinese made alto mouthpiece for saxophone. It is solid brass with nickel / gold plating. It's made with the CNC machining process. This is an excellent quality mouthpiece for the price. At the time of purchase this was 35$ USD. However, some minor modification (light sanding/polishing)...

Tags: Alto,Mouthpiece,Metal,Brass,Saxophone,China,Chinese,cnc

Cheking the firing pin on a single action H&R Topper Model 88 12 gauge

0.095' Gauge Review

Cheking the firing pin on a single action H&R Topper Model 88 12 gauge

Tags: firing,pin,single,action,H&R,Topper,Model,88,12,gauge,shotgun,prepper,prep,prepping,Firing Pin,H ...

Demo Telecaster New setup 0.095" Bass string on low E tuned to Low E below standard

0.095' Gauge Review

Mike Hoppett experiments with Bass guitar strings on a Wesley Tele... ;-)

Tags: mike,Hoppett,Telecaster,fender,Marshall,BOL,BOS,Rockshed,Rockshesaid

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