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Small Cross-Hole Deburring with ORBITOOL

0.125' Burr Review

Cross-hole deburring of 1/8" (0.125") hole in Stainless Steel. Deburring operation performed using an electrical rotary grinder. Same tool can be used for automated deburring in CNC mill / lathe. www.jwdone.com for more detail.

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Sharpening Straight Razor with Wicked Edge Generation 3 Pro Sharpener - full process

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When you sharpen a straight razor it’s important that you use the most acute angle possible. To accomplish this in a Wicked Edge, no matter which model you have, you should try to clamp by the tang of the blade so the edge hangs out over the front of the vise. The abrasives I recommend for straig...

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How to Cut Plexiglas

0.125' Burr Review

Watch more Great Craft Ideas videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/316950-How-to-Cut-Plexiglas Commonly used as an inexpensive, lightweight substitute for glass, this acrylic plastic requires patience when cutting because of its proclivity to chip and melt. Step 1: Measure the shape Measure you...

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