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Sellstrom Flip Front Adapter & Tiger Hood Flip Front conversion on Pipeliner Helmet

0.188' Replacement Review

The first video was the "Original" Sellstrom Flip Front Adapter video from late 2012, uploaded sometime in 2013, and the video was deleted when I first Deleted the Welding Channel completely in early 2014. When this 'new' channel was brought back up, this video was not brought back.

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What volume of 0 244 M KCl solution is required to react exactly with 50 0 mL of 0 210 M PBNO32 solu

0.188' Replacement Review


Ontario 499 Pilot's Survival Knife

0.188' Replacement Review

Check out the Demonstration here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnxvJA8I5k8&feature A short rant on my knife. Seriously, enough can't be said about this knife. I picked it up for $40 shipped and it has been worth every penny. I'll post more videos later of the knife in use and attach them to t...

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