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Protection Racket 22" Deluxe Cymbal Case

22' Deluxe Cymbal Review

Protection Racket 22" Deluxe Cymbal Case. Sorry that some of the video is slightly off view, I think you will get the jist of it though. I miht redo this video at a later date.

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Zildjian 22" and 24" Premium Cymbal Bags

22' Deluxe Cymbal Review

A guided tour of our new Premium Cymbal Bags. Zildjian Premium Cymbal Bags are designed for maximum protection of your cymbals. On the outside, they feature lightweight durable nylon and corrosion resistant zippers with a smooth pull. On the inside, you’ll find soft tricot fabric lining for maxi...

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Protection Racket Drum & Cymbal Case Review

22' Deluxe Cymbal Review

Protection Racket product review, including standard drum cases, deluxe cymbal cases, and drum mats Music: Nun Slayer - DMBTTSCO, (scream) https://www.facebook.com/nunslayer?fref=photo My Gear: Gretsch drums Tama hardware Zildjian cymbals Remo heads Promark sticks Protection Racket cases Appl...

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