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KettlePizza Pro Grate & Tombstone Combo Kit | Grilling Product Review | Cooking Outdoors

22' Tombstone Light Review

I was recently sent the new KettlePizza ProGrate & Tombstone Combination Kit for review. Here is the package opening and assembly. http://www.KettlePizza.com http://www.kettlepizza.com/KettlePizza-ProGrate-and-Tombstone-Combination-Kit-p/kppg-22.htm "Made specifically for the hardcore KettlePi...

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Shunted & non-Shunted T8 & T12 Sockets (Tombstones) Explained by Total Bulk Lighting

22' Tombstone Light Review

There is a huge difference between shunted and non-shunted T8 and T12 sockets, using the wrong type can end with disastrous results. Don't worry, with our video guide we explain the difference between the two and how to be be sure you are using the correct one for your lighting application. Sit b...

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Kihung T8 LED Light Tube 4ft 22WT8 LED Instruction Video

22' Tombstone Light Review

Converting conventional florescent light fixture with ballast to LED light tube equivalent without the ballast, the LED light tubes in this video are. Kihung T8 LED Light Tube 4ft 22W (75W equivalent) 2300Lm Ultrahigh Brightness 6500K Cool White, Frosted

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